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Kaylyn Franks, Idaho Native, dreamed of being a professional photographer during her teen years. Her first photos were taken with a Kodak Instamatic.  She purchased her first 35mm SLR in the late 70’s and took several college photography courses experimenting with film and the dark room.

Life took a different course after graduating from college and her dream lay dormant as she pursued other career opportunities. In early 2000, she visited a Thomas Mangelsen Art Gallery and stood in awe of his magnificent photos.  His work fueled that ember within her and in 2012, Kaylyn decided to fulfill her dream of being a professional. She bought her first 35mm digital SLR and within a few months took the week long Photography at the Summit workshop in Jackson Hole, Wyoming with some of the finest photographers in the US to name a few, William Albert Albers, Jodi Cobb, Thomas Mangelsen, Jay Maisel, Richard Clark, Jim Richardson and Michael Forsberg.  These outstanding artists stoked the fire to a raging inferno and she never looked back.

Kaylyn is an eclectic photographer who continues to develop her creative eye by attending annual workshops, reading books, watching videos and analyzing images created by professional photographers. She’s a member of the Boise Camera Club, Photographic Society of America and Lynda.com.

Kaylyn has never looked back!  She believes the Lord has blessed her with a gift to see through his eyes. Each day she prays, “Lord if it is your will, direct my eyes to what you wish for me to capture.”  Her passion is to share with others the beauty in this world and for people to experience the journey through her eyes. She has captured 1000’s of photographs from around the world with the majority of them in her beloved State of Idaho.